Pope Francis "furious" with mayor of Rome who supports same sex marriage
On the plane back from Philadelphia Pope Francis made no secret of his ire with the Mayor of Rome (a vocal supporter of same sex marriage)
"Asked on the flight home if the pope had invited Marino, Francis said, "I didn't invite the mayor. Is that clear? I asked the organisers and they didn't invite him either."

More light was shed on the matter when a Vatican official was pranked in a phone call.
"Using a thick Tuscan accent, a man pretending to be the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, asked Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, head of the pontifical council for the family and lead organiser of the Philadelphia event, how things “really went” in the City of Brotherly Love.

“He [Marino] wanted to take advantage of it and this really upset the Number One,” Paglia said, in an apparent reference to the pope.

The fake Renzi responded: “He crashed the party?”

To which Paglia replied: “Of course he crashed the party. The mayor is a good person, but no one invited him, certainly not officially … The pope was furious.”

While the prank provided fodder to critics of the mayor, it also underscored a more serious issue between the Vatican and Rome just a few months ahead of the church’s jubilee year of mercy, which begins on 8 December.

Millions of tourists are expected to descend on Rome to participate in the jubilee, but the special event means that the Vatican will largely be relying on Marino and his bureaucracy to make sure it is not a logistical nightmare for visitors.

In the prank call, Paglia was asked whether there was “trust” in Marino ahead of the jubilee.

“This is the problem,” Paglia said, according to a recording of the prank. “When Marino was there he insisted to see him [again and again] and this annoyed the pope tremendously. Probably Marino needed to be forgiven for something … Maybe he’s looking for help. But with our guy this doesn’t work.”

He then added: “Undoubtedly this is a break in the relationship.”

When the man posing as Renzi suggested that he might serve as a mediator of sorts, Paglia insisted the pontiff would never want the prime minister to get involved. Then, as a final insult, he added a personal observation: that Marino, who wore a customary mayoral sash to his meeting with the pope in Philadelphia, “really looked like a fool”.


Pope Francis "furious" with mayor of Rome who supports same sex marriage 

I agree with Pope Francis. If this mayor supports same sex marriage  then the Pope is right in being mad at him.
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