Maronite Spirituality
Dear friends, can anyone explain to me the ways in which Maronite spirituality might differ from typical Roman spirituality? eg. Particular customs, traditions, theology, prayers, etc. I have taken an interest and I would like to learn more but there aren't any Maronite churches anywhere close to me and I can't find many sources that haven't been all Novus Ordo'ed (Evidently no rite is safe). Any help is appreciated. Blessings.
I would look for another Eastern Catholic group the Maronites have surrendered to the Novus Ordo their liturgy is like it , they have changed alot.
The same could be said of the Roman rite, there certainly must be something, They don't even have a Novus Ordo. Anyway, I just want to know about What it would have been like before the plague of Novus Ordo infested the Church. As I said, I don't necessarily intend to attend a Divine Liturgy, I couldn't if I wanted to, I just want to know more about their customs and theology and the like.
They do have a NOM. Don't know if its as bad as Paul V's NOM. Since Trent they used the Roman Rite, before they had their own Rite (which I don't know if it could be called a DN the way we use it to refer to the Byzantine rite).
Its a shame. A great, ancient Church (like our beloved Roman) that never went schismatic, went the way of modernization. I wonder if they have trad Maronites.

One of my favorite saints is St. Charbel Makhlouf. Look at his amazing life and miracles. From what I learned from him at least I can say his order was deeply Liturgical and contemplative. Very beautiful stuff. In fact, pray for him if you want to pray at Mass more reverently :)
Oh thank you, Renatus, but I don't think they use the Roman rite, they are part of the Antiochene rite and use Syriac as their liturgical language (or at least they should). That's about all I know, I heard about it and I thought it was interesting and I wanted to know more. Frankly, anyone who would be either stupid or evil enough to mess with such an ancient rite deserves to be slapped.
Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to look up St. Charbel Machlouf. In the meantime, Sts. Maron, Charbel, and Nicholas ( patron of slapping idiots) pray for us. We need it.  :)

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