Are You Angry Yet?
With all due respect FB, if half the time you doubt the Church then you have more serious problems than getting upset by some Cardinal. This is just as bad as, if not even worse than, being disorderly angered by the primates.
The guy from Atahansius contra mundum recently wrote why he isn't making any Synod coverage, and it's basically the same point FB made. But he doesn't go on to say the old ways are absurd, “fantasies”, but deliberately, consciously, sticks with them and propagates them.

In the end, though, I suppose both kinds of persons can live in the same Church, without pretending one's own approach to be universal medicine.
We need folks angry (who, yet, do not sin). Like it or not we always had angry persons and even angry mobs moved by the passion for orthodoxy, consummated by zeal for God's house.
But we also need cool persons, who just carry on. Even to cool the other group down a bit.

My own temperance is varying a lot. At the end of the day I'm choleric, and if I lived at Rome I'd join any ol' angry mob for orthodoxy. But now I'm just finding this Synod so absurd, so utterly surreal, that I can't help but laugh (literally laugh out loud), when, say, some primate suggests polygamy (and of course, since family is an element contained in the set “universe”, then everything in the universe touches on family somehow, so, why not discuss everything, from divorced couples, to gay couples to clerical vestments!)

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