Stay prayed up, close to Jesus most of all. 

Then focus on the things you are passionate about; do interesting things, think interesting things, be an interesting person.

Learn some game, being mega-careful about the secularism and straight-out misogyny you'll see on game sites.

Then meet Catholic girls where they gather. Churches, Catholic charities, parish events, pilgrimages, online Catholic dating sites, etc. Don't have ridiculous standards, and don't be a "he-boy rad trad" doofus. Don't focus on "finding a wife", don't be desperate; focus on simply meeting nice girls and having fun and living your life for God, full of passion and interests and work. Relax about it all. Treat any girls you meet nicely and respectfully, be funny and have fun with them, tease them and treat them like you're a big brother, be heroic and protective without being condescending, validate her emotionally, but always have the upper hand and never, ever put her on a pedestal or let her boss you around or manipulate you. If you're intended to marry, you'll find her. And if you do marry, know what you're doing in the bedroom.

If it's OK with the Church, sign a pre-nup before you marry. And if it's not OK with the Church, I think that's one thing that needs to be re-thought given our divorce laws and how utterly unfair they are to men. Even Catholics flake. You could do things right, never have the intention to divorce ever, and still get flaked on. If the Church doesn't step up to help protect men in marriage, we're doomed.

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