transportation on the sabbath
I could not figure out where to post this here. are there any others out there who don't have a car? how do you get to mass? is using public transportation on the Sabbath alright? I have been unclear on this. what about a step up such as long distance trains or a taxi? you would be causing someone to work even if you bought your ticket in advance. Isn't long distance travel in and of itself a bit dodgy as far as keeping the Sabbath? I ask as I have never lived in a place in which I could reach a TLM without significant travel and or use of hired transportation. Here the nearest one is at least one if not two bus rides away only once a month from here on. There is another one weekly or even daily two and a half hours away by train. it would be impossible for me to EVER go unless I stayed in a hotel for two nights or something. it is a shame that TLMs seem to be always strictly in cities. You would think a lot of the conservative rural parishes would love to have one but it never seems to be the case. I have only been to one in the countryside and it was a rare very special event. Why do you suppose this is? please feel free to move this I was unclear on where it should go. thanks.
I'm in much the same predicament, I don't have a car and my parish church is on the opposite side of a city and even then it is a Novus Ordo  church. My advice to you would be to just go to a reverent Novus Ordo mass. To miss mass because you were out hunting down a particular church to your liking is sinful. On the other hand if there aren't any churches that you are able to get to within a reasonable time then you aren't obligated to go. I would also think that if you are able to go to mass within a reasonable time by having someone driving you then you must do so as missing mass is a greater sin than making someone who was already out driving to drive some more. (Maybe you can bring them with you)
I live in the middle of the country and there are very few Catholic churches around, I cannot drive, I rarely have someone to take me, no public transportation, and certainly no TLM for hours around. Consider yourself lucky that you are able to get to mass at all.
I also use public transportation to go to Mass, it takes me about one hour. I also know a bunch of people who do the same. I don't think it's a sin--the subway would be working with or without me. Also, once I asked my confessor if it was a sin to eat out on Sunday, he said it wasn't.
I might soon move to a spot nearer to the TLMs here, it might take me 30 or 40min then. Might increase my weekday Mass frequency.

I realize, though, that in the USA public transportation isn't very nice or available. But even so, I personally wouldn't miss Mass for that.
It is not a sin to use public or hired transportation to go to Sunday Mass. Life doesn't stop just because it's Sunday, and no one should have to put their lives on hold just because they don't have a car.
We go by car. Sunday Mass provokes in my wife and me the uncontrollable desire to have lots of drinks and apetizers before lunch (cheese, bierwurst, jamón serrano, spanish tortilla.. Blush.). We could not take all the bottles if we went by bus...
Providing transportation to mass is on Sunday is doing a good deed something like when Jesus cured on the SAbbath. Those sho privide transportation are providing a necessary function and you should pray for those who do this kind of work. 

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