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Are any Yanks following this story? Fr Rosica is the CEO of 'Salt&Light' a Canadian 'Catholic' TV channel and a 'mover and shaker' both in Canada and, currently, at the Vatican! Father threatened to sue the author of the blog 'Vox Cantoris' a few months ago (a friend of mine) because he had asked some 'embarrassing' questions. He backed down when David didn't back down and took legal advice.

Quote:Monday, 12 October 2015
What happens when you write to Salt + Light?
A number of years ago, I wrote to, to express my regret that the Executive Producer called Catholics names such as "extremists" and "Taliban Catholics." Up to that point, I had no contact with anyone there. I did not expect a response but got one from the Executive Producer, himself.

I see that the theme of that response remains the same, only the recipient is changed. I have a whole collection of these kinds of petty insults and derogatory comments. Some day I should release them all.

Does Mr. Gagliano, who has given millions of dollars of his hard earned money as an apostolate know that this is what the executives there write to people on the business email?

What kind of business or television executive responds like this to a viewer. What kind of papal spokesman mocks people like this. What kind of priest dismisses people and insults them in this manner.

I can imagine how the recipient felt upon receiving it. I remember my own reaction.

When Pope Francis was talking about the "peripheries" and the "scent of the people" who was he speaking about?

Dialogue, eh?

From the combox (and as it was made public by one of the recipients and given to me posted in the combox)

Thank you for standing witness to truth and educating some of us who have been blinded by deceitful men in the Church. I decided to write the email address at "Salt + Light" this past Saturday wondering if the email would get back to him. I am not sure if the exchange was ever between he and I or one of his spokesmen. Here is the exchange (the initial email was to
Veritas Augustine: "What Fr. Rosica is speaking is pure evil and folly!!! It is shameful! But, praise be to God for the Blessed Mother's apparitions that have forewarned of these wolves in sheeps clothing!
It is utterly scary what is being preached by men like him. The only place he is wanting to meet people is on their path to the eternal fires of hell. It is false mercy he is preaching!
In Christ, VA

Response from Thomas Rosica ( "Go to confession before you go to mass (if indeed you go to Church!) It doesn't sound like it. I will celebrate mass for you tomorrow morning here at the Vatican. May God help you since you don't know what you are doing, what you are writing, and even what you are believing.
Fraternally yours in Christ,
Fr. Thomas Rosica
Rev. Thomas Rosica, CSB
Chief Executive Officer "

Lastly, I did write two more emails and he provide no response to either.
In Christ,
Veritas Augustine

Such a charitable response!

And here's a transcript of an interview he gave when Papa Emeritus resigned:
Quote:Father Thomas J. Rosica describes Pope as "first among equals"
Originally published on February 19, 2013 in advance of the conclave which elected Jorge Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome.

While charity suggests that we should give him the benefit of the doubt that he was caught up in the discussion and that he was running off at the lips to the CBC's Peter Mansbridge, we do need to ask Father Tom Rosica, Executive Producer of Salt + Light, President of Assumption University, Papal Consultor to the Pontifical Council on Social Communications and spokesman for the English media for the upcoming Conclave; was this a sequencing conflict in grammar production, was it a "Freudian slip" (1) or does he really believe that which he has stated at 7:28 of this interview. The Catholic people deserve a clarification; the people do not deserve to be lead into scandal or heresy by such a prominent priest.

So, may we have a clarification?

Fr. Rosica: “What I think this resignation has done is to take us one step further now about examining the role of the papacy, the collegiality that is necessary for the papacy; that is the pope who works in conjunction with and dialogues with the bishops of the world. The papacy is not some kind of a myth that’s way out there and making this almost a super human role. For example why didn't people get all upset when Archbishop Rowan Williams stepped down after leading brilliantly the Anglican Communion through some turbulent times? He did his work and now to know that Rowan Williams a great theologian a friend of Benedict has gone to Magdalene College to continue research and writing. He did his work, so somehow what Benedict has done to us is put the church in a new trajectory into understanding the role of Peter. The leadership of the papacy requires somebody who can connect with people somebody who has health somebody who can move around and not be afraid of long flights. Somebody who’s got energy and stamina; it’s really a respect for life what he’s done.”

Mansbridge: “Does it also need someone that connects with this generation….that the Church has to move forward into a whole new era?”

Father Rosica: Oh sure…a leader, that figurehead this first among equals in the person of the pope is absolutely essential. He is a symbol. He represents who we are. And so, for the past two papacies especially the last part of John Paul’s papacy and this papacy, we got to know an older man, an elderly person; John Paul certainly dying before our very eyes almost the last ten years and Benedict who came in elderly and who goes out now weak and that’s very important because we respect elders, in our culture we respect elders… 

Ye Gods! The man sounds like an Orthodox schismatic:

Fr Rosica Wrote:Oh sure…a leader, that figurehead this first among equals in the person of the pope is absolutely essential.

And definitely an heretic according to Pastor Aeternus
Quote:Chapter 3. On the power and character of the primacy of the Roman pontiff

And so,
supported by the clear witness of holy scripture, and
adhering to the manifest and explicit decrees both of our predecessors
the Roman pontiffs and of
general councils,
we promulgate anew the definition of the ecumenical council of Florence [49] ,
which must be believed by all faithful Christians, namely that
the apostolic see and the Roman pontiff hold a world-wide primacy, and that
the Roman pontiff is the successor of blessed Peter,
the prince of the apostles,
true vicar of Christ,
head of the whole church and
father and teacher of all christian people.
To him, in blessed Peter, full power has been given by our lord Jesus Christ to
rule and govern
the universal church.

All this is to be found in the acts of the ecumenical councils and the sacred canons.

Quote:we teach and define as a divinely revealed dogma that
when the Roman pontiff speaks EX CATHEDRA,
that is, when,
in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians,
in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority,
he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole church,
he possesses,
by the divine assistance promised to him in blessed Peter,
that infallibility which the divine Redeemer willed his church to enjoy in defining doctrine concerning faith or morals.
Therefore, such definitions of the Roman pontiff are of themselves, and not by the consent of the church, irreformable.
So then, should anyone, which God forbid, have the temerity to reject this definition of ours: let him be anathema.

Oh yes, and Fr is busy blocking any one who dares question his 'infallibler' statements on Twitter, which has led to the trending hashtag #RosicaBlockParty, and a support page on FB for those he's blocked:

The irony is that Rosica is enjoying this ride precisely because the current pope is not afraid of being such a ultra ultramontane pope and using his powers.
And it goes without saying that the Church got everything wrong until the last two popes is almost the definition of heresy--just what most of his little team do with VII.

Finally, check out the only thing I could find from this guy that is worthwhile. My favorite part is the brilliant answer +Fellay gives to the most ignorant question of a befuddled Rosica that does not understand why young people love the TLM.

Something about Fr. Rosica has always seemed a to me.  I've felt this way for many years, so it's not the recent stuff, but I can't pinpoint exactly what it is.

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