FE Giveaway!
I just want to tell you all about a giveaway we're doing here at FE!

You might recognize the gorgeous antique French St. Veronica's Veil Cross below from when I found it at Ebay and posted about it to let folks know it's out there so anyone with the means could grab it. It cost too much for me (if I remember correctly, it was $150 or so), but the Secretary of FishEaters snatched it up, sent it to me, and told me to use it for an FE giveaway. I've had it for a few months now and the Secretary and I figured the time is right, so here goes!

First, the Cross:

[Image: veronicacross.jpg]

Click here for more detail on this piece.

Did I mention it was antique? And French? And soooooo gorgeous that I'm jealous of whoever wins it? Really, it's just so very lovely and very unique. I've never seen one like it. I have it in a wooden box with all of my Holy Cards so it's all safe!

You can gain a single entry in the drawing each time you do one of the following:

[Image: fcredsquare.gif]  post either here on the FishEaters discussion forum or on the FishEaters FaceBook page,

[Image: fcredsquare.gif]  tweet a message mentioning either @FishEaters or #FEGiveaway, or

[Image: fcredsquare.gif]  make a donation or start a sustaining membership (aka "Fishies"). See the donate and subscribe buttons at the top right of any page on the forum to do either of those two things.

The winner will be drawn -- chosen randomly according to entry numbers (see below as to how entries are located and numbered) -- on Monday November 16, 2015.


How would you know who posts on FB or tweets something or posts something on FE?

The Secretary, a geek,  wrote a spyder that crawls the FE, FB and Twitter feeds.  It collects user names. Each instance of any of the above entry requirements will be assigned an entry number.

Does a person have to be a registered member of the forum to win?

No, but the forum members are going to accumulate more entries that someone who posts once on FB.

Finally, THANK YOU to all who donate or subscribe to keep FishEaters "on the air," as it were! And also a huge thanks to all who post here! I'm not sure if you Fishies realize how totally important it is to have people posting stuff! As I've said, if we just had TEN people posting ONE really interesting thing each day, this place could be really jumping! So those of you who can't afford to give financially are still GIVING a LOT when you simply post and share your thoughts, some commentary, some great article you've found, a book or movie review, or even a hilarious joke. Truly, thanks, guys, for everything you do :)

P.S. Also stay tuned for an announcement "soon enough" about a book written by a Fishie, Roger Buck! I am very much looking forward to reading it! When it's published, I will make a post alllllll about it. I just "know" it will be a very readable and interesting -- and important! -- book!

[Image: redrose.jpg]
As announced in this thread, our very own Bourbon Apocalypse has won the medal.  Congrats BA!

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