Where do all of the crazy people come from?
I got tired of the gangs parking down below my house on the street and I started running them off.  At first I would just go down to them and tell them to leave.  Sometimes they got threatening but they would leave -- and then come back later.  Then I discovered a much more effective way of getting rid of them.  I would walk down and take pictures of their car, license plate, and them.  I don't know if that is legal but it effectively got rid of them.  They would often go screeching off in their cars.

However I have run into some really weird people -- all of them in their twenties. One night I came home to find three people -- in separate sleeping bags -- apparently sleeping on my driveway.  I almost drove over them!  They got up and headed back to a car parked on the road.

Another time I came home to find a car parked practically in front of my driveway.  I walked up to the car only to find that it was two young homosexual men doing you know what...  That was disturbing.  They told me that they would leave  ".. if it would make you more comfortable."  I told them "It will definitely make me more comfortable!  Please leave!"

Then today I came home to find my gate blocked by a car with a sunshade in the window.  It was a young man and woman having sex...

It makes me uncomfortable because my wife and son are alone at home when these strange people are down on the road.  At least our property is fenced.
Get the make/model number of the car and the license plate numbers and turn them in to the police.
These things are some of the reasons I am an 'X-Southerncaliforniaguy'.

All the fruits and nuts roll west. That's what they used to say when I lived there. I was born and raised in the valley and after 40+ years of living elsewhere, my visits have only strengthened by resolve to stay where I am.
(10-23-2015, 05:36 AM)Zedta Wrote: These things are some of the reasons I am an 'X-Southerncaliforniaguy'.

All the fruits and nuts roll west. That's what they used to say when I lived there. I was born and raised in the valley and after 40+ years of living elsewhere, my visits have only strengthened by resolve to stay where I am.

Most of the problems here are connected with the gangs and the drug trade out of Mexico.

Years ago I tried moving to Utah.  And that turned out to be much worse... Crazy!  The Mormon religion is very controlling -- and so the members apparently are too..  And something I never considered was the fact that if somebody can't do something (Drink coffee, or ice tea) than they don't feel that it is "fair" for non members to do it.  They're not concerned about the non members health, they actually get angry and argue that "it's not fair!"  They also use the bizarre argument that if somebody is allowed to do something that they aren't -- by their religion -- than it is a "violation of their free agency"....  That argument was actually used by the city council in Logan Utah to deny a permit for an upscale microbrewery restaurant..

I moved back to California.  And I'm now politically a "libertarian".  I liked Ron Paul, and now I support Rand Paul.
As far as I can tell, if they are on your property, you going out and photographing them there isn't illegal. Since this is a re-occurring problem seems reasonable to approach the police about it. Esp. since you almost ran a dude over! I would be really freaked out by that. There must be some kind of solution. Maybe if you went with some others from the neighborhood the complaint might have more of an impact.
I dont think taking pictures and so forth of things that are plainly seen from or on public property such as sidewalks or the street is illegal.  "no expectation of privacy in public"

in regards kink going on in front and on driveway.  Whose to say your water hose doesn't "malfunction"?
All well and good, but those SoCal gangbangers could easily gun you down or hurt your family. Don't underestimate them for a second. Be careful.
Get to know what sorts of things are illegal and call the cops when you see it happening.  It's good that you can convince them to leave though, criminal types are cowardly and don't want to be seen doing whatever they're doing, so sometimes the simple presence of normal people is enough of a deterrent.

My husband and I hosted a neighborhood watch meeting last year, and the local policeman who came to speak with us had some helpful tips.  It's good to get to know your neighbors and work together to report suspicious activity. If the cops get a lot of complaints from multiple sources about a specific area they will be more likely to patrol there more. If you give them a specific reason why you think the suspicious activity is illegal they have an excuse to come and directly engage the suspicious people.  Other things like good exterior lighting, motion sensor lighting, eliminating shrubbery that can be used as a hiding place, etc. or just simply spending some time outside and saying hello to everyone who walks by are all good deterrents. The key is that if someone is doing something illegal, they don't want to be seen doing it, so if it feels like people are watching, they'll go somewhere else.
You could move to the Midwest with us simpletons Big Grin

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You clearly are a crazy people magnet. Don't worry, I am too. I have more random weirdos that talk to me in the grocery store than I can shake a stick at...

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