Some Good News from the Synod
CWR has a summary of the final Synod document. There are many, many reiterations of the traditional definition and roles of the family. No Pope and no document imposed any heretical beliefs. The good words of the document are nothing new. That's why they are good. And the overwhelming majority of paragraphs in the document are good, though at times a bit on the fluffy-sentimental side for me. But despite attempts to paint this in a doom-and-gloom manner, the fact is that it ended much better than any of the doom-and-gloomers predicted. And for this, we can thank God. Is the entire document perfect and free of ambiguity? No. But compared to the way even the Pope speaks, it is very clear. If I were a Kasperite, I would see this as a direct defeat. I don't know what the Pope's persona views are on these issues, but the majority of the bishops of the Church are quite simply focused on the real deal of helping families to know what they are, what their roles are, to see their vocation as beautiful, and as between man and woman, regardless of what society may try to impose.

Here is the CWR summary:

Deo gratias!
I knew good things would happen when the Polish bishops, the Ukrainians, and the Africans all spoke
:) :) :)
Apparently someone missed John Rao's epic (and correct) rant on this very misconception.

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