Marian Consecration
My parish is currently hosting a five week exploration of Marian consecration. (I am one of two men in the group, so...) Has anybody here done the consecration? If so, has it helped your spiritual life? If so, in what way? Has anybody here looked into it, but then decided against it? If so, why?

According to the book that we are using, based on St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion to Mary--which I read a few years ago but did not act upon, this is the "short, easy, secure, and perfect" way to become a saint. Still, I'm a bit skeptical that for, oh,  1700 years the Church had been deprived of a clear elucidation of *The Method* (one that, too, would seem, for the most part, reserved for the Western Catholics), but now has it. I suppose that I have difficulty believing that the modern Church has greater insight into holiness than the early Church. I have a few other reservations about the consecration (though I'm re-thinking this with openness--I hope), but I'd like to hear from y'all.
If you'd rather not discuss this publicly, please PM me.
I considered it and have the book. I decided against it because I feel a deep need for a Christocentric approach.  I understand the arguments that there is no competition or conflict, but in my experience, it makes me feel more distant from Our Lord.

My spirituality is based on the writings of Bl. Columba Marmion, who absolutely insists on keeping Our Lord at the center and explains why.

I have a devotion to Our Lady but I need to touch Him directly and Bl. Columba teaches us how to do that outside of the Eucharist.
I've read True Devotion to Mary and honestly I was deeply disturbed by it at first, although after thinking it over I'd agree there is nothing particularly unorthodox about it, although it is extremely hyperbolic and it's very easy to see why it's a devotion that one either gets or one doesnt.

It's still not for me though. I find that the Benedictine Office or the Old Orthodox Prayerbook along with the Jesus Prayer are more to my temperament. I prefer my Marian piety to be subtle and always in the background to my devotion to Christ.

To each his own I guess, but as a Catholic who is more Eastern and pre Tridentine in theology and piety I can understand why you're a bit skeptical of or have little interest in Montfortian Marian devotion. 
I never tried it mainly because I'm a bit scrupulous with that "with her, through her, for her". I deeply love Mary and her name is always a consolation for me, but that's just too much for me.

I see the good fruits it produces on most people who do it--even among NOfolk, with the adoption of some traditional practices. Not to mention, the region of France where Montfort preached resisted one of the most brutal and demonic persecutions ever, producing many martyrs.
The apologists for it also claim many aspects of it are latent in tradition, so its not a 18th century invention. But you'll need to talk with one of them for details on this.

Sorry if this doesn't help much.
I plan on doing the consecration around the Annunciation next year. I have read his True Devotion to Mary as well as The Secret of the Rosary and I found both to be very insightful and moving. I see nothing about it that conflicts with any aspect of the Faith and though the books do seem to give the impression that Jesus is somewhat of a side-thought at first glance, that is only apparent, it is still truly Christocentric. It has always existed in some form throughout the history of the church, Montfort just did a great work in clarifying and making it more well known. Much like transubstantiation, or the Rosary devotion. Both have existed in some form for centuries before their "discovery."
Thanks for the replies--all food for thought.

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