Dear universe, I think it's important for you to know . . .

I experimented with freezing feta cheese and had a great success.  I froze two small batches: 1 with a pc of feta only and 1 with a pc of feta submerged in the brine. I only froze them over night . . .I was impatient to discover the results!

The dry chunk was perfect.  The chunk frozen in brine fell apart into small bits when handled.

In case it matters, I used Belfiore.

I have always heard that cheese doesn't freeze well . . . but this turned out great!
I have frozen many types of cheese and had mostly good results. Some of the more sharp cheddar cheeses came out crumbly, but not objectionably so. Brine freezes at a lower temperature than water and that may be a factor in your outcome. It also is more likely to form crystals which can aggravate the clumping of the cheese.

Just a few of my observations. :grin:
We totally freeze cheese all the time. It does tend to crumble, so not great if you need cheese slices, but works great for shredded cheese.

Think about it... all those frozen pizzas and lasagnas are covered in cheese!

I've never frozen feta though. Grated, with a bunch of cheese-loving kids and a cheese-loving husband,  cheese doesn't usually last long enough in this house for freezing to be necessary.

P.S. You can freeze almost any dairy. Butter freezes well. Milk in jugs can be frozen too, although you might need to shake it really well once thawed and should be used up pretty quickly.
My father-in-law makes feta on his sheep farm. This is good to know! We get loads of his cheese and often can't consume it quick enough.
(11-04-2015, 11:50 AM)PrairieMom Wrote: P.S. You can freeze almost any dairy. Butter freezes well.


I've had frozen butter in there for nearly two years with no loss of taste nor texture.

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