is there an app for that?
I have the Laudate app which gives me the NO 3-year cycle of readings, but is there an app for the traditional 1-year cycle? It's really amazing how my eyes have been opened to this whole other side of Scripture, and I would like to read it every today but would love to have it on my iPod.

What do you guys use?
May I suggest iMass and iPieta? The first of these is primarily for watching the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass  through it, but also has the Missal and Brevarium fed into it. The second is arguably the best Catholic app I've ever seen. It's webpage is here: They also have a newer app named iVerbum that may strike your fancy.
Thank-you! That's what I'm looking for! :)
Of-course there's an app for that my friend :)

I highly recommend iPieta. Had personally used it and works great for the traditional 1 yr circle.
The Evangelizo app is great, that’s is my preference. I receive a daily email from them also with the readings.
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