Lawsuit against free speech
Attorney General Janet Mills of Maine has filed a civil-rights lawsuit against a pro-life protestor whose voice could be heard inside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, the Portland Press Herald reported. “Sgt. Eric Nevins of the Portland Police Department responded to the facility’s complaint about the noise,” Mills said in her complaint. “Defendant [Robert] Ingalls’ persistence after a warning in yelling at such a volume that he could be heard within the building demonstrates his intent to interfere with the safe and effective delivery of health services at Planned Parenthood.” “The attorney general’s sinister pro-abortion tactic seeks to silence pro-life speech,” the protestor’s attorney said. “Such biased action by a state law enforcement officer is unconstitutional and corrupts the entire justice system.”

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I would suggest that if she was so concerned about "noise" that she get the municipality to pass a noise ordinance and then apply it equally to all the people.

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