Danneels on Belgian Church
Cardinal Danneels speaks against the Church in Africa, and Fr. Z make some comments. Really, this is worthy reading if just to get some cheap laughs.

But it kinda show two things: how some people in the hierarchy are so delusional and alienated that they simply cannot see their role in the destruction of the Church! They blame it on abstract forces of fate, on the whims of lady Fortuna. He says that passing on the Faith is “a mystery”, one that just happened to start failing around the time of VII (on his own admission “up until the 60s” there were  huge seminaries full of vocations) and his own reign as bishop.
Really, what sort of people is running the Church that so easily excuse themselves in such a cynical way and mock the Africans? This is frightening. I wonder if Francis is like that—his own diocese in Buenos Aires cannot boast of much and who reportedly wrecked the Society of Jesus in Argentina—I wonder if he sees all this as a mystery and believes all to be a great springtime.

Secondly, it shows the importance of leadership. Especially in the Church where hierarchy is divinely instituted, who not only should teach and lead but are the very instruments of God to bring about the divinization of persons (as says Pseudo-Dionysius). Its no wonder that when they fail the Church enters into a crisis. I don't think this apostasy of Europe can be blamed entirely on the lures of wealth (I know there were plenty wealthy Catholic families back in the day, and even today) or some weird pseudo-heresy come down from neo-scholastic exaggerations.

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