Blunt, but has truth to it

[sup]Liberté, égalité, fraternité

So reads the official motto of the French Republic, the beacon of the 'Enlightenment' to which we must harbor gratitude for bringing us out of the grizzly dark ages of monarchical rule, hierarchy, and Christian law. Through the efforts of its philosophers (Rousseau, Voltaire) and its madmen (Robespierre, Marat), Occidental man unshackled himself from the duties of Tradition and was free to pursue life as he saw fit, not in accordance with the will of God, but instead with supreme reason.

And today I ask France, what fruit has your reason yielded? What bounty has been plucked by the talons of the liberated? What harvest has been reaped by the scythe of equality? What is it this grand fraternity holds in its hands?

A goblet of blood which it must drain from its own putrefied carcass every day. The streets of Paris run red with the blood of victims preyed upon by the poor 'refugees' of Syria. And what of it? More empty statements of 'solidarity' by the pathetic politicians of Europe? More demands from the media not to fall for the ploys of the far right? Another barrage of self-gratifying Facebook profile picture changes from across the Western world, template sentiments from the zombified multitudes? "Je Suis Charlie!" after all, which presumably is a subconscious affirmation of everyone's status as future sacrifices to the multicultural project.

the Bataclan Theater
where IS gunmen opened fire on concert-goers

What sympathy can be found for a man who feeds his arm to a lion? None. A once proud nation, one of the finest in Christendom, reduced to rubble in just a few hundred years. Don't complain about the fanaticism of the Islamic State for they only conduct themselves in accordance with their god. And remember what your adopted god of reason has commanded, France. You must be tolerant, and root out racism wherever you find it. Your sons must be taught about their hidden gender identity rather than how to defend themselves. You must have fewer and fewer babies to ensure France's ethnic diversity continues to flourish. Slaves are bound to obey their masters, and the master you have chosen for yourself commands you take a straight razor across your throat. OBEY!

Every sane Occidental should look at the smoldering wreck of your country, Europe's first 'Enlightened' state, and make haste in the opposite direction before the tracks are ripped from their underside by the forbidding terrain of the approach to leftist singularity. Many nations might still repent and find refuge before the coming storm, avoiding a strike such as that suffered by you. Will you, the people of France, learn your lesson? I doubt it. The left will demand more tolerance, diversity, and groupthink, while the neoconservative 'right' will demand IS be "bombed into the stone age!" so that leftism can be protected and preserved. A rather grotesque piece of theater, but by now we are all too familiar with the script.

Go ahead, put your technology to good use and level Syria and Iraq. It will change nothing. Your nation will still be faced with oncoming demographics, the perils of overvalued fiat money, a bankrupt culture, and feckless leaders. You could eliminate every Sunni male of military age and within a decade you'd be fighting the same war all over again. Personally, I relish the thought of Liberalism's death, and for your own survival's sake, you should as well.

is this the final fate of France's temple to 'reason'?

When Ancient Israel turned from God to worship idols, the Lord neglected to send fire down upon them or wash them out with a great tide. Instead they were to be 'vomited out' as the Canaanites before them, at the hands of a foreign force, brutal pagans from Babylon. Now these punishers carry black flags from the dark heart of Syria to exact the price of imbalance, the price of weak cultures. The Christian, the Reactionary, he is an outsider to this whole affair, looking in with curiosity as a pack of hyenas devour a gazelle. The great cycle rolls on, slowly squeezing your country between its weight and the uncompromising earth below. Of course though, the solution is to jail the moderate forces of Marine Le Pen, that will save the nation from destruction, because everyone has to remember the real threat is the 'fascists', not the throat-slitting suicide bombers.

There is a reason why the Middle Eastern enemies of France called the recent attack a victory over the 'crusaders'. It's a strange denotation, since there is nothing Christian about Modern France or indeed its Western allies, not in terms of their governments, media and academia apparatus, top businesses, nor popular culture. Barely a drop of Christianity can be found here and yet the armies of the new Caliphate must refer to Westerners this way because to explain what the people they are fighting really are would be distasteful, like mentioning some indescribable muck in the gutter. Conjuring up images of Christian knights, a long dead warrior force, is necessary because what zeal might be inspired against this...

I pray that at least a few good men remain in France, who recognize the reality beyond the scapegoats and immediate posturing of politicians and media personalities. There is absolutely no future for a secular, progressive, liberal France where the warped ideals of 'liberty', 'equality', and 'fraternity' dominate politics and the greater society. This France is already dead. The only question that remains is who gets the ashes? Will you gladly turn them over to swarthy foreigners with a smile on your face?  Or perhaps you know that Joseph De Maistre was right all along, and that you need an elite to bring sovereignty and honor to the French people, an elite who have no time for liberal ruminations, only time for self-preservation and the eternal ideals of Tradition, however politically incorrect or unpalatable they might be to the worst gutter-rats of the Occident. Whatever the final verdict, the state of play right now is non-negotiable, not because the fanatics of IS are resistant to negotiation, but because nature is.

France has lit her own fire. Now she must burn in it.[/sup]

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