Neurotic priests scare me, says Pope
(11-23-2015, 12:19 AM)Poche Wrote: How would someone distinguish between rigidity and commitment?
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Good question.
Rigid and neurotic?  I usually don't see that too often.  The most neurotic priests I have met are the liberals one by a wide margin.  they live in their NPR filled world wearing hideous vestments and wanting to be called Bob or something.  Many of them are of the Francis generation or the subsequent.   

Now do the rigid ones exist, they sure do.  But I think people have to understand the situation they were developed in.  The post war Church was booming to the point that I don't think the Church knew how to effectively screen or develop priests or religious.  It was a regimented and isolated life that at times were particularly harsh.  Pre-Vatican II Church, the greatest demon a priest had to face was often alcoholism, I would looking at an Ordo Calendar for priests and many of them only lived to be 50 years well under the life expectancy even from that era.  Remember that most of the sex abuse cases took place in the 1960s before the final implementation.  I remember one priest tell me about his friend who was preparing to be ordained, his class had a lot of men being ordained that year.  The bishop instead of telling which candidate would be ordained that day beforehand, told no one.  So the young man invited his family, had vestment purchased and ready, only to be told at the door that he wouldn't be ordained.  There was a certain unhealthy mindset in the time right before Vatican II, ironically I think it is the liberal that continue to use it though in their way as Francis has made clear again and again with many of his comments.

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