inseparability of human sou/body = inseparability of Jesus' human/divinity?
Christ is fully human, but the person is divine. Person has a very specific meaning.  I think others here can explain it better than I. But I read and heard also from an SSPX priest that person is the subjective sense of self, one's feeling of "I".

This is why those who say Christ only gradually came to understand his divinity are in error.  He was fully aware of his divinity from conception.
(11-23-2015, 10:26 AM)SaintSebastian Wrote: Human bodies and souls can be separated: that's what death is.  But it is traumatic and disordered, which is why the resurrection of the body, reuniting souls and bodies, is important.  From what I understand, Jesus' body and soul were separated from each other at His death (when He descended into hell), but His divinity was not separated from either.  I can try and dig it up, but I think there's some Church document that defends the idea that Christ's body in the tomb would be adored with latria since it was still united to the divinity.  (Edit: it's the Bull Auctorem Fidei of Pope Pius VI).
Fair comment. I overlooked the death scenario in my haste and desire for brevity.

However, a disembodied soul is not a Man even though it is an integral component of a Man. Yes! The General Resurrection with new glorified bodies is a necessity for eternal (human) life in a New (glorified) Earth. The Great Mother and Her Boy already have theirs.

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