Traditional Vestment Fundraiser for Missions in India
Hey Fisheaters!  My wife Cecil is making a gold, solemn, High Mass vestment set for Fr. Therasian Xavier, SSPX, Prior over SSPX Missions in India.  The vestments will be used for the solemn celebration of the traditional Latin Mass at their priory.  Father has asked me to organize a gofundme online fundraiser for this project, since the missions in India are very poor.  But the priests there are trying to spread Catholic Tradition to this pagan land.

The set includes:

chasuble/stole/maniple/burse/chalice veil
humeral veil
tabernacle veil
embroidered images of Our Lord, Our Lady, etc.
Very fine embroidery to make the set ornate

Father will offer a Mass for all donors.  For donations of a certain amount, Cecil will embroider the donor's name on the inside/back of the chasuble (main garment), so Father can offer the Mass for you for many years to come.

Would you consider helping Father spread the Latin Mass to India?  Please SHARE on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.  Thanks, and God bless!

(Thank you to Vox for approving this thread!  I will try and check in for questions and discussion, or feel free to PM me)
3 x $20 donations in the wee hours of the night! Total since launching late yesterday evening = $115! Deo gracias.
WOW!!!  $25 on behalf of Fisheaters website!
WANTED: Fish Eater Co-fundraisers for Indian Missions/Vestment Fundraiser

Qualifications: internet connection, ideally people active on FB, Twitter, email.

Pay: none

Hours: 24, 7

Gift: let me know if youre on board and recruited donors, Cecil will embroider your name (or perhaps the name of a deceased relative with "RIP" by their name) on the inside, back of the Indian priory's new chasuble, with the donor names, to remember you at Mass for many years to come!

Now at $570!  Praise God, and Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!
$820 now!  In a day and a half.  Amazing. Thank you for sharing and supporting this fundraiser. Deo gracias. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
Now at $1120! We still have a ways to go.  I know some of you may be shopping since it "Black Friday," but please consider helping, and sharing on Facebook.
3 donations in the wee hours last night.  $25, $50, and $200.  Deo gracias.
We've reached 1/3 of our goal in 4 days!  But we still have a ways to go.  Please SHARE with others!

Cecil has the honor of making a solemn vestment set, which is the equivalent of 3-4 basic vestment sets in terms of materials and labor time.  Plus she is adding a lot of embroidery to make them very ornate, something traditionally valued by Catholics in India.  These can be used in pontifical Masses with a bishop.

Solemn set includes:

chasuble, stole, maniple, burse, chalice veil
dalmatic, stole, maniple
tunic, stole, maniple
humeral veil
fine embroidery, including embroidered emblems of
Our Lord, Our Lady, etc.
(plus tabernacle veil)

The best site for us to use right now is gofundme, which receives 7.9% of donations ($343 for this project).
Plus, we need $50 for domestic shipping ordering materials, and $150 to ship the whole set to India.
This is wonderful!

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