Light show on the Vatican
Has anyony seen this? I can't comment much right now, and even if I could there is little I could add to the article itself, except gasps and jaculatories. This is so sinister, and it reminds me of that light show displaying a hindu god on a NY bulding. And this now right on the festivitt of the Immaculate Conception. This sort of stuff makes Martin Malachi's the claim of satanists in the Vatican much more plausible.

And notice this is not on Rorate or the Remnant, but on LifeSiteNews!
Scary.  What is more scary to me is that many I know who are otherwise rock solid, faithful Catholics say these groups are making something out of nothing.
Is anyone else disturbed by the phrase, "Vatican partners with world bank" in the link?
Oh wow! I just saw pictures from it on Twitter... Honest to goodness, it seems absolutely diabolical to me. As my teenage daughter would say, "I can't even."

Kyrie, eleison.  :pray2:
Yeah. Someone sent this to me via my blog and it made me gag a bit.
From Edward Pentin's twitter:

Quote:There were a couple of images of religion though, like this one of a woman in a burka. #VaticanLightShow

[Image: CVvDhbIWwAE0-lp.jpg]

Somehow I think that displaying a woman in a mantilla would cause an uproar, people being called rigid, sick fundamentalists, etc. But a woman in burka?
Frankly, this made it for me. I'll not take anything serious that comes from the Vatican until the end of this papacy. They don't see able to do anything slightly resembling the Catholic religion (except, as Pentin reports, a dove and a couple of candles).

And really, I tried to watch the show, but its so boring! Looks like one of those dreadfully long postmodern movies made out of just images and sounds. This is not even good. At least the paganism of the Renascence could be somewhat good, but this is just boring.

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