Is my Pope-fronting priest crying out for help? Or: "I can't take much more."
(12-08-2015, 09:54 AM)Renatus Frater Wrote: Aren’t Benedictine TLMs already the best anyway?  :grin:

Yes. :)

Quote:Anyway, this priest makes no sense outside of the very contorted logic of CMTV.

I...  :Hmm: don't know what "CMTV" is...  :blush:

Quote:I mean, there are whole libraries of Catholic thought that he could use just to speak about the Immaculate Conception. Why draw the pope in? Even if the pope was St. Pius V, why go on and on about he being the angel of God and that we should never say NO to this angel of light? This is bearing on the ridiculous.


Quote:As to whether you should talk about the reasons you're leaving, I suppose it depends on your relationship with the priest. Sometimes we should be that guy to confront bad priests or errors, but I suppose it depends on the occasion.

Well he's a sweet person and has been a friend to my family, so there's that, and I also didn't know if there is some protocol for sort of formally leaving your home parish.
Qoheleth Wrote:Why ask us  what is going on, since his behavior seems to contradict what you had earlier discussed with him. If i were you i would request another meeting with him and ask him directly what you want to know.  There is no substitute  for a direct approach to get the clarification you want.

LOL, "What's going on???" was just an expression of feeling perplexed  -- I realize no one online can answer questions about my own priest. Sorry for being unclear. However, I do wonder whether anyone may think that priests are getting pressured, especially since "criticizing the Pope" might now be a sin worthy of excommunication. 

Yes, you're right - I am going to speak with him again. I was really tempted just to ask him WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?! right after mass -- but from the tone of his homily, I got the definite feeling he wouldn't have wanted to be questioned.
"but from the tone of his homily, I got the definite feeling he wouldn't have wanted to be questioned."

Yea M-M i hear you.  So many today have the v2 disease.... the mantra seems to be "Don't confuse me with the FACTS,  since my mind is already made up".....

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