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Just  saw this  and thought i would pass it on, not that it will convince those that want to sit on the fence but it may  give some a little bit of hope .....

Remnant Newspaper Mod  James Rice • 24 minutes ago
Thanks. Let me be frank: I never understand the purpose of a comment like this. Would you prefer that we do nothing? Why would anyone subscribe to a Catholic newspaper that has an editorial policy of doing precisely nothing at a time like this? This petition got 10,000 views in a few hours and was translated into Spanish and Italian in 24 hours, with a French version in the works. It's a start!

It's already been sent to mainstream media people such as Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press and a number of others. You have to try to do something, right? You can't just wait around for the chastisement or the three days of darkness or the comet or whatever. We've got our health, our minds, and the wherewithal to take a stand. Why in heaven's name should we hold back just because the odds are against us. There were 12 apostles when all this got going, remember? And yet Christ ordered them to go out and baptize "all nations,” which they did.

Remember Pelayo founder of the Kingdom of Asturias and father of the Reconquista? He took a stand against impossible odds that required 800 years to see success. Remember the English Catholics of the Western uprising, the Vendeans in France, the Cristeros. For that matter, the traditional Catholics when I was a kid--no hope that the Mass would ever come back, no chance of a restoration, never, not now, no how, no way! And then, well, what do you know!

Listen, this petition is not really about us trying to unseat the Holy Father through some silly democratic stunt. Pope Francis--who has called for input from the flock on this job performance, by the way--has declared war on faithful, rules-following Catholics. And this is just one organized retort designed to get his attention.

A priest just left the following comment on our site. He really understands the point and purpose of this initiative, and so I’d like to share it with our readers once again:

" Above all, once a significant number of signatures are gained, it will be important to get news of this initiative into the bigger media, secular and Catholic, so that at least the fact that this petition is out there, even if not its actual text, comes to the personal attention of the Pope. Because this is something unheard of in all church history - an international petition from devout Catholics publicly calling for the Pope's abdication! -
the secular media, at least, should jump on it. (No doubt the liberal Catholic and
neo-Catholic media will try to ignore or downplay it, giving it little if any coverage.) If it achieves nothing else, this petition will at least get the message out loud and clear that there is strong, deep and widespread dissatisfaction with this pontificate. That's a message very much needed to counteract the constant, fawning, pro-Francis hype of the mainstream media."

The unprecedented nature of this crisis demands an unprecedented response from
the faithful...not so that we can "win the day" but rather so that we can keep the faith, fight for our spiritual birthright and help our brothers and sister do the same… until God corrects the course. Somebody has to survive this nightmare. Someone has to hand down the old Faith to the ones that make it through this revolution. We can’t give up. We can’t surrender. And we can’t ever forget the power of truly Chirstocentric Catholic action coupled with prayer and total reliance on our good God and His most Blessed Mother who promised us that in the end her Immaculate Heart would triumph.

I like our odds!

Pray for Pope Francis, keep the old Faith and stand with us against these modernist marauders for as long as it takes. Viva Cristo Rey.... remember?
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