A virtual icon wall: redux
There was a thread, years ago, where users uploaded their icon walls.  This particular photo has stuck with me:

[Image: IconCorner3.jpg]

Do any of our more Eastern members have something similar at home?
I don't have as many icons, nor do I have a shelf, but I have a corner with several icons that I try to use for prayer.
That's quite nice! I have more icons and something similar.  Mine is on an Eastern facing wall and I do my prayers facing it when I'm at home. I'll have to spruce it up and take a picture.
We have an icon corner with about 10-12 different icons, and many other icons throughout the house.  I think the only rooms without icons are the bathrooms.  Apart from them, you can't really go anywhere in the house with your eyes open and not be reminded, somehow, of God and His saints, most especially the Theotokos.  Sorry, but I don't have the technology to post photos. :(
Here are some.

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