Heaven: Timeless?
I stumbled across this today and it's stumped me:

[Image: 30829823.jpg?resize=400%2C400]

1) Is heaven actually timeless?


2) If it is, why couldn't I ask my "saint-self" to pray for me?
Interesting question. I'm no expert but I don't think that heaven is timeless. It may run on a different sort of time but it is impossible for a normal human to be in heaven while they are still alive. Only God is timeless, heaven is infinite but not eternal and thus it still syncs up to time in our physical world.

Also it's impossible for us to know if we are going to go to heaven, assumption of such would be a sin and thus would make one less likely to go to heaven. So praying to ones self is counterintuitive as even the prayers of saints cannot negate unrepentent sins.

I do believe however, that in some instances our prayers in the future may affect the past because God is Himself beyond time. For example, perhaps you play the lottery and you pray that you win and you do even though the numbers would have already been chosen before you prayed for it. Suddenly makes me want to play lots of lotter numbers.  :LOL:
No silly. :) When the Father created the univerce for us, out of love He enter time with us and since Heaven is part of the universe it is in time.
I guess i understand all that.  I think that it was just the "outside of time" bit that threw me, I hadn't ever really thought about the concept of time in Heaven.  I had just assumed that there was some sort of time there, but I couldn't point out a basis for that belief.

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