To Veil or not to Veil
So I told my family that I was going to attend the latin mass this Sunday and to my shock they said they would come with me (they never come to mass with me) which excited me! But at the same time they are very lukewarm and nominal Catholics so they won't be wearing veils or anything of the sort. Is that acceptable, because from what I notice is that almost all the women at the latin mass wear veils.

I want them to come with me because they never go and maybe TLM will reinvigorate their faith, but can someone give me some advice on how to prepare them for the latin mass (we are going to a High Mass).

Don't make an issue of veiling.  I've seen women at FSSP Masses without veils, so unless you'll be attending an SSPX mass, I would not anticipate any disapproving looks.

I would encourage them simply to be present to God, with the understanding that the priest is facing the same direction as the congregation so that he can offer the sacrifice of the Mass for them.  Let them know they can offer their own prayers, silently, through the priest's sacrificial action. 

I would expect people in this thread to suggest the use of missals, but I would not.  It would simply be one more thing for them to juggle and they would not fully experience the Mass.  If you want, you can suggest that they read the ordinary of the Mass in the missal beforehand, but judging from your description of them, they are not likely to be interested in that.

What I am saying is this:  let the presence of the Holy at the traditional Mass work on them.  It's far above rational thought and words.  Let them know they don't need to know exactly what the priest is saying or dong at any given moment, but that they should simply be present with a general intention to offer the sacrifice with the priest.

If they are in a state of grace and intend to receive Holy Communion, instruct them to receive on the tongue and not to say "Amen."
Its OK for not to veil, but of course its preferable to veil, if they are not hostile to it (btw, SSPX here has veils available for women, but still I've seen one or two ocasionally without it). Modest clothing should be a must, though. Still, if this is a dealbreaker I suppose you can always discretely choose a distant pew.

As to recommendations on how to prepare for the TLM I'm pretty sure the more experience people will give some very wise advices. I myself only took my mother and grandmother once—I'm really bad at evangelizing and whatnot.
But one thing to keep in mind is that one can pray quite independently from the priest. They are not obliged to follow the priest's every move.

The above suggestions are very, very good.

To expand on the issue of veiling: there is no longer an obligation to veil, so strictly from that standpoint, it is fine not to veil.
Your family is going to go to a latin mass with you. How awesome!!! Woo cares about a silly viel. your family is going to join you to be in the rearl true presents of the lord o mighty! 
ikh libe alemen

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