Depression, joy and the holy life.
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(12-14-2015, 08:00 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: In the context of the Faith you have this inner calm in knowing that you are an adopted son of God through baptism, and that you know you are to spend eternity in His Kingdom of Light.

I thought Catholics were always to hit themselves over the head with a hammer after letting this thought creep into their mind, since it takes only one mortal sin without sufficient contrition, or confession, or the last rites, etc... That this assurance was as deadly to the soul as stryknine.

Quote:If we keep this perspective there should be a bit of peace even if it's not always shown in displays of raucous laughter and buffoonery.

I admit to using the picture of Cardinal Dolan as a bit of a jest, since I doubt many Catholics here see him as the high point of Catholic spirituality. Besides I doubt the easterns have many icons of saints bursting into laughter like that. The Desert Fathers (over the top as they usually were), said that laughter was one of the worst things I seem to recall.

I'm more Eastern in my approach to things, so i do not look at the spiritual life through the lens that you describe in the part i bolded. For those with a bit of the scrupulous in them these concepts are themselves like strychnine.

I like to look at our Lord through the lens of a merciful redeemer and not as a legalist judge looking for ways to cast souls into Hell. It's helped me to pray the Jesus Prayer, and to contemplate that I am laboring under corruption and in no way capable of perfection this side of Heaven.

Pray the passages SaintSebastian mentioned, or try to find the Canon to Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Litany of the Sacred Heart or some other consoling prayers or devotions and take them to heart. Maybe even look at Christ as a child the way Dom Vital Lehodey did in order to cure you of being overly scrupulous.

Check out the devotion Jesus, King of Love from the Silverstream Priory website too. It's beautiful.

Here is the thing I mentioned about the Child Jesus and Dom Vital Lehodey:

Quote:My Little Jesus draws me to Himself at about the age of five years, or at about the age three or four. In the beginning, there was a little bit of imagination and a fair amount of emotion. It has been a long time now that the emotional has disappeared almost entirely; very often, it is desert, bleak and arid. What holds me in this way is the Word of God become a child, out of love for His Father and for us; or else it is the Saviour and Physician of souls; it is the God of my heart, the Friend, the Spouse and above all the adorable Little Brother. But it is always the Holy Humanity united to the Word, and so my worship goes to the Word become a child. When He presents to my spirit His infinite grandeurs and my nothingness, His holiness, my faults and my miseries, I adore Him in making myself very small. If He allows me to glimpse the charms of His childhood, His heart so humble and so meek, His infinitely touching holy littleness, the astonishing simplicity of a little brother (and so He does ordinarily), it is the heart that responds to Him, saying to Him the same protestations of love endlessly again and again, and from time to time, making itself very little before Him who is so great. This has lasted lo all these forty years and I never weary of always repeating to Him the same things. Since then, I have never aspired after another way; my Beloved Little Jesus is enough for me. And why would I have sought anything else, since, “all good things came to me along with Him” (Wis 7:11). I should never how to retell Him my gratitude enough.

And, first of all, He taught me better to know Him, and by that very means, better to know His Father. Like so many others, before that, I was inclined to see in God the Master and the Dispenser of Justice, rather than the Father and the Saviour. He veiled the grandeurs that would have dazzled me; He very nearly hid from me His Passion, which would have frightened me. He made Himself so very little, so that I would not be afraid of living with Him. It pleased Him to show me the goodness of His heart, His love and His tenderness, His mercies and His mildness, His patience in bearing with me, His quickness to lift me up. Truly, He has a Saviour’s heart, a heart that doesn’t know how to become angry, that never tires of pardoning, of healing, and of loving, a heart that loves extremely His mission as Saviour and physician of souls. In truth, He also has the heart of a friend. How many times has He not come to console me in my sorrows, to rejoice with me on my anniversaries by His loving visits. Now it pleases Him to remind me that He has the heart of a man, which heart needs to love men and to be loved by men, the heart of a Child God, who loves candidly and is candidly happy to be loved. He reminds me too that I also have a heart that needs to love and to be loved, and that our hearts are made one for the other. Let us then love one another and never cease loving one another.

In thus making known to me the goodness of His heart, His and His tenderness, His mercy and His mildness, His astonishing simplicity, all things that make Him so lovable and so attractive in His Holy Humanity, He, by that very means, makes His divinity known to me. His Holy Humanity is, in fact, the most faithful mirror of His Divinity. All that is found in miniature, as it were, in his sweet Childhood, is found infinitely in the Word. And, since the Word is the Splendour of the Father and the image of His Goodness, in learning of my Little Jesus, I learn also of the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are, all Three, one and the same infinite Charity. The sweet Childhood of my Little Jesus has, therefore, been for me like the “Gate which is called Beautiful” (Ac 3:2), through which He introduces me just a little bit, so little, alas, into the sanctuary of the Divinity."

That's an excerpt.  Well worth reading. I tell you, there are many ways of fighting against being overly scrupulous and this devotion to the Divine Infant is one way. 

Here's the King of Love devotion which is related to the Infant.

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