Protestant: how bad theology duped us into supporting terrorism and oppression
(12-19-2015, 10:28 PM)Might_4_Right Wrote: this man is a mentaly distufed self hatting jew and the likes of a video like this on fisheaters discusts me.
Why would you post something like this are you invected with the toxin of antisemitism? You sue give off that vibe
Be very carful about this kind of thing Renatus Frater. Your days may be short.
Quote:No Oldavid. We have nothing to fear from Jewish Masons it’s the Muhammedan invasion that you should be very very afraid of. The trully hate you Oldavid they would like nothing better than to see you dead.
One not-very-cleverly-disguised fifth columnist trying to undermine the confidence and conviction of a vestige of Catholic Christians and trying to hide the real villains in a smokescreen of a few megalomaniac Muslims who are goaded and unleashed by megalomaniacal Judaism is worth a whole battalion of Muhammedan maniacs that would be easily squashed if it was permitted by the powers behind the scene.

If I recall from long ago "Might is Right" is one of the self-justifying slogans of megalomaniac Zionism.

Anyhow, the Muhammedan fools have been tricked into thinking that "the West" (the remains of Christendom) is the enemy because it supports Zionism. The only real difference between megalomaniac Muhammadanism and megalomaniac Judaism is a competition as to which gets to eat the Goyim or Infidel. So far the Zionists hold all the aces and the Muslims are but pawns in the game.

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