Can a schismatic mass fulfill your Sunday obligation?
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By my understanding, yes (though it might depend), if there aren't not other licit masses you can attend. The classical example is going to an Eastern Orthodox mass, when required to fulfill Sunday obligation. I think also the SSPX could be okay if there's truly a lack of other masses nearby.

The ordinary excuses from attending mass would fall under health, opportunity or moral reasons. If you've got the flue, or you're otherwise in a condition where you can't attend mass (the rule of thumb given to me by a Jesuit is that if you're ill enough that you could legitimately call in sick then you're excused). Beyond that its if the mass is far away that its not feasible to attend. None of this is rocket science, its something for people to work out. The obligation was given for our benefit, even though it is one we're bound to fulfill under pain of mortal sin.
It was permitted for a time after Vatican II to fulfill the obligation by "occasionally" attending Orthodox services, but now this is not permitted. In a situation where there were no Catholic Churches and only Orthodox Churches, the obligation does not apply as long as that situation obtains. Attending the Orthodox service is permitted by Church law, but does not technically fulfill the obligation.
"There has been some confusion on this issue, owing, in part, to an earlier permission. In 1967, the Directory on Ecumenism permitted Catholics to fulfill their Sunday obligation “occasionally” by attending an Eastern non-Catholic Divine Liturgy.

When the 1983 Code was promulgated, Catholics were obliged by can. 1248 to fulfill their obligation “in a Catholic rite.” This law abrogated the practice since 1967 permitting the fulfillment of the obligation in a non-Catholic, but certainly valid, rite.

Any doubt was further removed by the publication of the 1993 Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism, which states that “even when Catholics participate in ecumenical services, or in services of other Churches and ecclesial communities, the obligation of participating at Mass on these days remains.”


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