Abstaining on all Fridays
As far as I know, everyone must abstain from meat on all Fridays unless they substitute meat (during Lent no substitute)  with something else, correct?

Since Christmas falls on a Friday this year, we are free from abstaining, yes?
That's the discipline in Denmark at least, followed an attrociously bad RCIA I decided to ask the bishops office some questions like this, and the secretary replied back with some things my bishop had written on this.
The Catholic Encyclopedia specifically states that the obligation is suppressed on Christmas Day.

Canon Law Made Easy says something similar.
Yes, we may eat meat. It's a feast of the Lord and a solemnity so the penance is not required. So eat meat and thank God for the gift of Christ's birth. Merry Christmas! :ctree: :ctree: :holly:
Though no longer obligatory, Christmas Eve used to be a day of abstinence.  The SSPX parish I usually attend recommends following that practice.
As an Italian, we still follow the Christmas Eve abstinence. Of course that's also included with a feast of fish.
The law of fasting and abstinence is suspended when a solemnity falls on a Friday.
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