Mission Critical: Persecuted Catholics in the Middle East - We Must do Something
We need to have Catholic programs which imitate the following link, with Catholics in Charge:


There was a Priest who survived 82 days in prison at the hands of ISIS who was released or escaped somehow recently.  He made it to Rome to tell his story and he was pleading, "Why isn't the west paying more attention?"

Someone should call Tom Monahan and his group of wealthy Catholic philanthropists, and get some sort of aide to these people, at least for their physical safety.  Partner with International Rescue Committee or some other Catholic groups in the area.  We need to help Catholics.  They are our family.  Everyone protects their own these days: jews, muslims...

But if you look at Catholics, there are so few options for helping these persecuted in the middle east.  This is the genocide, this is the holocaust, that no one talks about.  The genocide at the hands of the muslim rulers in the middle east.

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