Attending solemn nuptial Mass
Would you need to specifically know someone or have been invited to attend a marriage/nuptial Mass? There is going to be Solemn Latin Nuptial Mass at my parish and I was planning on attending but I don't know if it would be considered rude to go without some sort of formal invitation. I often attend our parishes Requiem Masses even when I might not know the person.
I've never done so, but I doubt anyone would notice if you just sit in the back or something. No one really keeps track. There are usually so many people there who could be friends of either family, so how would they know who you are?
It would be very weird for you to be expelled from a Mass, even a nuptial Mass, which is suppose to introduce a new family into the Church and not be this private affair we see too often (of course, don't go to the supper afterwards).
But then again, nobody cares about these things anymore--its all about each individual's happiness, fulfillment, etc.
Attending the reception could be seen as rude, but I'm sure it's OK to just go to the Mass.  If they are having a traditional Latin Mass for their wedding, they're pretty serious about tradition.  They'd understand if you went just because you wanted to go to a Traditional Latin Mass.  I would think they'd even be happy to know that their wedding was a part of your experience of it, and might therefore make you like it even more.  My guess is that it will be a particularly beautiful liturgy, the music will likely be especially good, and the Church will probably be decorated especially nicely.
I once read where a couple were planning their wedding and they wanted to make sure that a certain homeless person would not be allowed to attend their wedding. The priest refused. There is a point of canon law in reference to this situation;

Can.  837 §1. Liturgical actions are not private actions but celebrations of the Church itself which is the sacrament of unity, that is, a holy people gathered and ordered under the bishops. Liturgical actions therefore belong to the whole body of the Church and manifest and affect it; they touch its individual members in different ways, however, according to the diversity of orders, functions, and actual participation.

§2. Inasmuch as liturgical actions by their nature entail a common celebration, they are to be celebrated with the presence and active participation of the Christian faithful where possible.

That being said, I recommend that you sit somewhere near the back. 
My wife and I had a TLM for our wedding. I spoke with her about your question, as well as my (non-Catholic) dad. To give some background, our wedding was at a very historic church in a heavily foot-trafficked area where the TLM is not normally celebrated. Thus, I would not be remotely surprised if people had come in to look at the church and stayed to see some of the ceremony.

My wife and I both wouldn't have minded that. In fact, we would never have noticed. We were in the sanctuary and turned towards the altar most of the time, and couldn't possibly have seen is someone we didn't know was there. Furthermore, a number of our guests had been invited as (for example) "John Smith and Guest," so we wouldn't have known who all of our cousins' dates might have been. I would have thought nothing of a stranger in the back row.

Think about the size of the church. If it is a tiny chapel, you will probably be noticed. If it is medium to large, no one is likely to notice or care. My dad said "he should dress nicely like he's an invited guest, and sit near the back. And be willing to leave if it seems like a tiny "family-only" event. Also, he suggested having answers prepared: if an usher says "bride or groom's side?" know what you will say so that you don't appear different from the other guests. I would advise being willing to be honest. If someone had told me after my wedding that he had just stepped in to see a TLM wedding I would have been happy to hear it. Dont approach the couple or anything, but if someone asks you a direct question be willing to answer it.

My wife also pointed out that most of the mass is just the mass: if you can't make it to one, but you go to the TLM, you can pretty easily imagine what it is like. There may be videos online as well.

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