Millennials have turned away from ‘cool’ Christianity, but traditional churches
I always thought that if you were going to do religion you may as well do it all the way. For me it was always about getting the whole package or getting nothing at all. A compromise was already a symptom of wavering faith. The only kind of Catholicism that moved me was the one full of stained glass, Gregorian chant, incense, miracles,relics, saints and angels and a whole worldview attached.

There was and is something half assed and non convincing about the externals of Novus Ordo Catholicism and especially the gimmicky mega church charismatic phenomenon within the mainline churches. That kind of minimalism was never something that could capture my heart. Give me a maximalist sacramental religion or give me nothing. I confess in my teen years Wicca with its symbolism, rituals and ties to the seasons was more attractive than the average Church.

Authenticity attracts. If Catholicism is to be authentic it must be traditional.  If you notice the Churches that are gaining millenials are at least authentic even if they aren't the True Church. The Anglican and Episcopalian churches returning to a more sacramental worldview and a life shaped around the  older BCP are more convincing to millennials than the Anglican churches with feminist priestesses who use the newer 1979 BCP and Novus Ordo style services just to use some examples.


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