Millennials have turned away from ‘cool’ Christianity, but traditional churches

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(12-29-2015, 10:22 AM)AntoniusMaximus Wrote: I think some greatly underestimate many young traditional church goers.  I tend to view three types of young people.  There are the hispters, avant garde with the leather patches and the corn pipe and back slap you with a copy of Orthodoxy if don't think distrubitism is the way to go.  Then there are the normals like me, who is not cool enough to hang with the cool kids with their pipes and not the strange ones.  Then there are the kind of weird people in that they are very quiet, try to be extremely pious, may be over scrupulous, and perhaps suffer from mental disorder.  Still despite the range, I find that most of them that go are quite sincere in their faith to various degrees, definitely more so than most NO attendees, though you would be surprised at how many of them are sincere as well. 

the problem with mentioning politics is that in the states politics are typically aligning this way or that way.  Well, I think most faithful Catholics have a more muddled view.  Of course, if I line 10 of us up and issue a survey one that describes your politics and your faith.  I have a feeling that the political would be quite divergent and the one in faith would be quite similar.  Needless to say, some of our more charged members would be cussing me out because of some of my stances. 

To be brief, the problem with democracy or republicanism is not that too many drank the kool aid, it is that too few people actually understand and appreciate what it is, because most people are denizens not citizens but given a citizen's greatest right, that to vote, so once they learn they vote themselves money, etc, they will.  Too many people have drank the populist or the socialist kool aid.  But that is another discussion not to derail.

Calling Distibutism a hipster ideology? I don't think we have the same definition of a hipster.

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Nah, just some playful banter, it is just that most of the heavy Chesterton types I have met are the same who have the pipes and leather patches.  I am not trying to demean it in any fashion.

Ah I see. Kinda like the Catholic version of a hipster. Lol. I'm sure they are much more fun to be around then those secular hipsters. I wouldn't mind smoking a pipe with Chesterton.

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