Should abandoned churches be converted into secular buildings or bulldozed?
Convert them to stabilized ruins as a piece of public art, so that it might be remembered that we still live in the corpse of Christendom. Perhaps the real estate could be transferred to a trust or some other arrangement could be made to facilitate this, and to prevent sale or future development.

Selling the churches is an obscenity in itself, and doubly so when the structure is used as a mosque or discotheque. It is far better that passersby see ruins to make them contemplate what was lost, and the void that cannot he filled by a new occupant.

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Ruins is no better a symbolism than discotheque churches, where the new barbarians engage in their fruitless, abhorrent activities. In fact its much more of a triumphalism for the Dawkins types: just one more dark civilization that crumbled before secularism.

In any case, the bells of Santiago de Compostela were recovered in Córdoba, and it all started from nothing—from a grain of mustard, as our Lord promised. I see and understand the offense, and am offended, but I don't despair. Its one more reason why we should not compromise with the world and its spirit, but rather be brave. Most likely not one of us will see any victory, most likely it will take more than eight centuries, but its already won.

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