National Catholic Reporter: Same-Sex "Marriage" Couple 'Persons Of The Year'

(01-04-2016, 04:16 PM)demoslider Wrote: I know many priests who wouldn't even consider marrying them, as years later they may leave their spouse for someone of their own sex.

Any good priest would try to prevent a marriage between those not well suited, but a pastor cannot deny the sacrament unless there is a true impediment, no matter what he may fear in the future.

A priest who is not the pastor of souls could certainly refuse, but people, even the perpetually stupid or those certain to be terrible parents have the right to marry of there are no canonical impediments.

In the case of those so psychologically damaged or physically incapable of the necessary consent of acts because of homosexual acts or predilection there could be an impediment, but that would need experts to determine.

I think Fr. Z's nickname for National "Catholic" Reporter, Fishwrap, must now be considered too nice. How about Vomitwrap instead? His other nickname for them, National Schismatic Reporter, can stay, but it must be synonymous with National Heretic Reporter.
The good news is NCR doesn't attract churchgoers anymore. They're old. Young churchgoers tend to be orthodox; the many young who don't believe just leave. They don't try to change the church.
(01-04-2016, 09:40 AM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: Well the NCR is in Kansas City.

That used to be Bishop Finn's territory until when he tried to reign in the liberals in the diocese, they found a way to get even.

Cf .... and here.

Thank you for mentioning this!  Bishop Finn was and still is an outstanding bishop.  He was the answer to my prayers, and the prayers of many people I know and respect.  Before he came, I was desperately longing for authentic Catholicism, and pretty much all I got was materialism and modernism.  I came to the Church when I was 20 years old with doubt and found faith.  To survive, that faith needed to be nourished with sound teaching and spiritual guidance, but all I got at first was "help the poor."  I was poor- both materially and spiritually- and they did not seem to care.  Bp. Finn began his time here by leading 2,000 people in the first diocesan-wide Corpus Christi procession that the diocese had had in decades.  On his way out, he ordained most of the largest ordination classes the diocese has had since the 1950's.  Bishop Finn began his ministry with a public act of adoration and proclamation of Our Eucharistic Lord, and he closed it with priestly ordinations.

(01-04-2016, 09:40 AM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: Certainly Bishop Finn was not a particularly good administrator, and admittedly made some legal missteps, but never tried to cover-up anything if one actually examines the whole case. Yet the liberals, and especially the NCR pushed the line that he was as guilty as the pederast or perverted priests who he had both a duty to handle like a father (as his clergy) and in civil legal ways as well.

Bishop Finn took the blame because he was the bishop.  The Vicar General was the one who dealt with the situation directly, and from what things look like to me, he dropped the ball.  Perhaps Bp. Finn wasn't a good administrator, but his predecessors weren't good administrators either.  They handed things over to a religious sister who decided what priest was assigned where, what parish got closed, and other matters where religious sisters have no business sticking their noses.

A decent person doesn't don't respond to a son who's just attempted suicide by throwing him to the wolves.  Given the situation, Bp. Finn should have filed a police report, but why didn't the Vicar General do it?  He was the one who got the report.  Also, Where were the teachers?  Where was the principal?  The priest attempted suicide- a doctor, a psychologist, someone had to have known why- where were they?  Certain healthcare and education workers are mandated reporters in the state of Missouri, and they know this.  Where were they?  Why doesn't the NCR go after them?  The NCR isn't interested in protecting children.  They just wanted to be rid of a faithful bishop who threatened their master's plans.
Honestly the only source of Catholic news I use is this site, the Remnant, and some blogs.  I don't trust most other stuff.

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