Top 10 Ridiculous Responses Regarding My Third Pregnancy
I suppose I'm feeling hormonal . . .  You are,,of course, correct.  But one of these days she will go too far and someone will need to take her to task.  We can't rely on my mother doing it all the time - not if we want the parents to get along.  :)
Your response is not entirely hormonal, I am sure.  Let us remember the good things as well, though, like how she helped us yesterday.
Another one I've used on occasion:

Q: 5 kids! Dude, how old are you!?
Me: I'm Catholic.
This thread inspires.
(02-21-2017, 06:33 PM)Roger Buck Wrote: This thread inspires.

You should see the Fish Eaters Gross Kids thread. :LOL:

I always suspected when trads would claim the mess we live today started with contraception, but the more I think about it the more I'm convinced this was the first divorce from reality and a condition for all subsequent divorces.

I think you are so right !
A new one I used at work the other day, guaranteed to make liberal heads spin:

Q: You have how many?  Are you trying for a basketball team?!
A: Nope.  It's a fire team.  The kids are all learning marksmanship and breaching tactics.
(01-05-2016, 04:47 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: 3. “But you already have one of each.”

"Yeah, well, someone's gotta make up for the ones you aborted."
(03-28-2017, 04:34 PM)Melkite Wrote:
(01-05-2016, 04:47 PM)PrairieMom Wrote: 3. “But you already have one of each.”

"Yeah, well, someone's gotta make up for the ones you aborted."

Nice. I may have to use that line.
Firstly, Congratulations and God bless you and your new life. I really do see every child as a gift from God, and in my walk of faith saw that I was just too plain dumb to tell God how many children I should "allow" in my life.  I always told Him, "you created them, I will do my best, but they are your problem".  My wife and I had 15 pregnancies with 12 births. Those 3 lost are still in the grief of my heart. The 12 here are awesome. My parents who had 7 and adopted an 8th were once "counseled" by some neighbors over the horrors of overpopulation.  ??? So I have some experience with answering those stupid comments.

Some of my replies to such bad mannered questions;  Re # 1 "jeez, you must be the only human in our oversexed society that doesn't know the cause, are you stupid or did you grow up in a closet?

"I'm doing my best to pay your social security"    "Just trying to keep us even with the Muslim's so we can remain a so called Christian society"  "how many do you have, 1.7?"
One of my friends replies "we use natural family planning,  it  doesn't work, we planned for 12 and only had 11"

I did argue with UAW and GM people that voting democrat is just plain stupidly bad, economically.  When you vote for abortion advocacy you are voting to kill future customers. Think of the number of cars we haven't sold because the customers are dead.  I also had an interesting conversation with some teachers protesting for abortion rights. I first asked why they were teachers? I then acted confused, and asked "So why do you want to kill your jobs?"  I mean, after all you can only teach dogs so much.  Never heard of higher education for dogs. I also did a little math with them pointing out that the number of school closings was directly proportional to the number of abortions performed locally.   

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