Embarrassing question about marital activity
I frequently wonder how much confusion in these conversations is caused simply because of a combination of a lack of that teleological view of reality that is fundamental to Catholic realism and a lack of training in understanding the moral philosophy that encapsulates and articulates that view... I also suspect that is why quoting from Doctors of the Church and standard manuals of moral theology will do little to actually help the "modern man." Case in point, this thread.  :eyeroll:
Of course the issue also occurs when theological manuals, Doctors of the Church, and other educated theologians can't fully agree. Sure, they agree in the basic aspect of it.  However, in other aspects there's just a whole mish mosh of ideas. There are obviously various theological issues that don't have agreement at all levels... but in those matters, we're talking about Mysteries of God that we cannot fully comprehend. Sex is really an odd ball one.

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