Article about Vatican II: "saved the church"
(01-15-2016, 04:20 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: The writer then goes on to ask a bunch of questions about how Vatican II caused various problems in Protestant "churches." Well, it didn't. It caused problems -- either directly because of the documents, or because of how those documents were interpreted (a debate for another time) -- for the Catholic Church. Vatican II was a Catholic council, you see. Brother!

You know, I thought that odd initially too. But upon reflection, I think VII *did* cause some problems for Protestant churches because the bedrock that was Catholicism was shaken. The Fundies exploded in the 70s and 80s because no other religion did the job.
Many Protestant Churches that had a more traditional sacramental worldview and a more traditional liturgy and calendar followed Rome into versus populum, altar girls and Ordinary Time.  Rome made a royal mess of things--- especially liturgically. What I find interesting is that despite being outside the Roman Communion many High Church Lutherans and Anglicans still followed Rome off the liturgical cliff wrought in part by Vatican II. They still look to Rome as a mater Ecclesia[/i ]even when she engages in bad parenting.

Did Vatican II save the Church? I've heard that many times before but I'm not sure I buy it. Why would the Church need saving if she was brought into existence by God and upheld by His promises? How was a full scale wreckovation, whitewash and rewrite of every last jot and tittle of every nook and cranny of the Churches externals somehow necessary to " save the Church"? Again, I don't buy it....

Somehow good can and probably has come out of Vatican II:

1. A more critical look at almost [i]all
if the 20th century reforms, from the Pius X breviary all the way to altar girls.
2. A serious appreciation for our patrimony amongst some of us, along with a desire to not take it for granted.
3. The end of blind obedience to hierarchy and a reevaluation of the powers and limits of papal authority.
4. A real sense of appreciation for the Church as fully universal and not just a homogeneous entity where Latin and Scholasticism are the only true ways of worshiping and understanding Catholicism.
5. A real sense that this is the age of the laity and we must be self reliant.
6. A slow but growing Renassissance of Catholic art, music and serious thought on the peripheries. This is something I feel has barely gotten off the ground yet though...but it's there.
8. All in all despite the disorientation there are signs of hope.

We are living in a historically unique and extremely tumultuous era within the Church and the world.  I do not believe Vatican II saved the Church, but God somehow has and will continue to bring good out of it in ways that are often mysterious and unexpected.

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