Mass and girls camps
Some trad orders like the SSPX hold girls camps in summer. I always wondered who serves Mass at these events since its an all female affair and obviously girls cannot serve. Does anyone know what they do?
If it's local, the priest just asks one of the local servers to come and do it. If they've gone far away for it, they may have to bring along another priest or a seminarian or something.
Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have their own campgrounds and usually an FSSP priest does the camps with them.
I heard stories of the nuns at the convent schools. They had a really neat playground with all kinds of sports equipment lying around and they invited all of the young Catholic boys to play over there. Of course they also expected these same boys to be available to serve mass when they needed them. Then when these boys got to be around twelve or thirteen the nuns ran them off.

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