Stations of the Cross "Rosary"?

What's up with this? Anyone know?

It's described as an "Olive Wood Rosary with Silver Tone Stations of the Cross Prayer Beads."

[Image: stationsrosary.JPG]

It obviously isn't a "Rosary" proper, but is there a devotion I don't know about focused on the Stations of the Cross and using Rosary-like beads? If so, I need to research this and get it onto the FE site! I really like the idea of there being such a devotion. It'd be an especially good devotion for Lent, most especially on Good Friday for those who can't make it to a church!
I found this information here Vox:

And here:
That's pretty cool but it seems kind of awkward to hold while you pray. I've never seen such a thing.
I have a similar one and it is used to pray the Stations of the Cross. There are three beads for each Station for the Pater, Ave, and Gloria Patri. Mine is of olive wood and has pictures of each Station. 

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