Those who resist change are obstinate rebels and idolaters and are guilty of "di
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(01-18-2016, 12:55 PM)richgr Wrote: He's saying something good on the one hand: openness to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost, which may surprise us at times, and that a closed heart will drive away God's grace, both individually and communally.

However, his application to matters of tradition needs a lot of work. It remains quite unclear: who discerns? how shall we discern properly? what are the mechanisms to protect or allow for proper discernment? what is the scope of this openness, and what is the force of various elements of tradition?

One can just as easily apply the accusations of divination, obstinacy, and idolatry to those who make "change" their god and refuse to "discern" the movements of the Holy Ghost Who wishes to protect tradition (surprising as it may be to some!), so aside from the obvious intended rhetorical effect, I don't see how these kinds of remarks are actually edifying unfortunately.

The Popes track record speaks for itself.  What he says and what he does is not Catholic.  If Catholics  who  allegedly take the FAITH seriously will keep making excuses for the inexcusable , more than likely, they
will be directly responsible  for a longer duration back to sanity and a return to a True Catholic Church.

A track record in which when he was Cardinal Bergoglio he vouched for the SSPX aat the Argentine immigration when they (the SSPX) had problems?
A track record which reaches out to the SSPX to enable them to become regularized more easily?
A track record in which during the year of mercy the confessions heard by the SSPX priests are considered valid? (I think this lets some air out of the tires of those who like to complain about them.)
??? ??? ???

I respectfully disagree with you that these examples serve to prove your point.  Francis is precisely the sort of person who would do these things.  He didn't do them because he agrees with the SSPX.  He did them because doctrinal consistency and consistency in the Church's legal structures are rather meaningless to him.  While, in this limited circumstance, his actions happen to accrue to the benefit of the SSPX's associated laity, it is symptomatic of the very problem with Francis -- his inconsistency and lack of theological acumen.  Recall that when he "regularized" the SSPX for confessions during this year, he didn't do so in a legally proper way -- he didn't even let the SSPX know in advance. 

He acts and speaks without thinking of the consequences.  Someone who does that is likely to hit upon something that an individual of whatever stripe might fancy just by sheer volume of words and actions. 

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