Protestant Irony
I was wandering the internet when I randomly found this web page

In this person's rather sad attempt to denounce Catholicism he ends up giving further proof of how correct the church is without even realizing it. I just found it really ironic and rather funny. After further investigation, the site seems to have been made by someone who can't quite decide if he is an atheist or some sort of protestant. What do you guys think?
That atrociously bad website sounds like it was written by a Jew, not a Protestant.
I think he's bat-**** crazy, and his site is a jumbled bunch of nonsense. I jumped to the home page, and on the one hand, he claims he wants to discourage people from following the Church. Then in the same paragraph he mentions teaching people to follow the Church's teaching to preach the truth. Then he mentions the Catholic Church being responsible for suicide bombers blowing up planes. Seriously? I don't recall the FSSP or SPPX telling folks to commit murder when someone commits sacrilege in the name of "art." Nor do I recall Jesus or St. Peter instructing people to "strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them." (Quran 8:12)

The guy's a crackpot.
I completely agree.

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