Jesuits and Homosexuality
Any spiritual advancement I've ever made can be credited without exception to Ignatian spirituality. Whether it's the exercises, the rules of discernment, or the examen all of it has born fruit for me and needless to say countless others. I could spend all day extolling their accomplishments and recounting their glories. I'll go to my grave believing that the Jesuit order is one of the true organizational marvels in the history of the world regardless of one's religious sympathies.

That being said I think it is time that they be wiped out completely. The reality though is that I don't think that is something that can be achieved in 2016. If you do an intense inquisition to root out the trouble makers you're just going to embolden them. A great many of them would simply delight in the opportunity to  wallow in their persecution.

Could you imagine what someone like Fr. James Martin would do in that situation? And to be clear Fr. Martin is in many respects a moderate voice among his fellow Jesuits. For instance he probably agrees with the article titled "love wins" mentioned in the link above, but if you ask him point blank if he believes homosexual actions are wrong he'll give some evasive nonsense and avoid publicly coming out against the church. He has brothers within his own order who don't have issues mincing words when it comes to their heretical beliefs.

On the other hand I'm not sure simply suppressing the order would work. I don't know the legal ins and outs in regards to the Jesuit's property but I would bet that they have set up fairly complex structures that would prevent the Vatican from simply taking their property and even if they didn't the Jesuits have deep enough pockets and support that they could tie the church up in court for years. There are plenty of left wing groups that associate with the Jesuits that would be happy to help finance an ideological war against the Roman Curia.

Personally it makes me sick to think about the seat of heresy the Jesuit Order has become, but I just remind myself that God is obviously in control and he'll sort it out as he sees fit. 

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