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If the Election Were Held Tomorrow, Whom Would You Vote For?
Well, guys? (Note, I'm only putting the front-runners in the poll...) Folks who live outside the U.S., vote as if you lived inside it!

At this point, I think I'd just write in Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and pray for the lesser of the 2 evils.  I'm not thrilled with either candidate; Shrillary for obvious reasons; abortion, Benghazi, lying, classified emails on her private email/server (EVERYONE in the govt knows not to do that, and I do mean EVERYONE!)  And the fact that she bullied employees into removing classification and sending info over non-secure sources.  That's the kind of thing that'll get your entry level govt employee axed.  She shouldn't even be in the running, but sadly, in our uber-partisan, 3 second soundbite society, some idiot leftists will twist her bullying, incompentence, lying, and flagrant violation of security policies into a reason to vote for her.

Trump, while I respect that he's not bought by entities that are "too big to fail," and that he speaks his mind (although I think he can be a bit abrasive).  I don't trust him based on his description of his religious views; he supposedly goes to church (not the Church, but that's a separate discussion) when he has time, but to me that seems like a cop-out, since many succesful businessmen have managed to make time to devote time to God.  Then his church he attends says he's not an active member.  Seems like a cheap attempt to dupe evangelicals.  I can't trust someone who BS's about his relationship with God.

Honestly, I'm sick of voting for the lesser of two evils.  Or, in the terms of one of my favorite movies:

As a Monarchist I don't like saying I would vote because it indicates I have faith in the system.

As an American who probably should vote I would probably vote for Trump... Although he sounds like he's got if figured out idk if he would really be able to do anything. The system is too far gone for a single president to mend it. At least without taking dictator like power.

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I won't bother because my state automatically votes democrat so it's pointless. Otherwise whoever is on the Republican side which looks like Trump. Honestly, Trump's OK, but I don't trust any of them.

As a Monarchist, this perfectly sums up how I view Trump. He's a means to an end. Not a savior.
As I've said before, both major parties loathe people like us.  Why would you give them legitimacy by participating at the national level?  For sure, vote locally.  Beyond that?  At best, you're indulging in a hobby that has no real impact.  At worst, you're tying the noose around your own neck....
Please permit me to state my stance on this issue.

On the Republican side, Sen. Rand Paul is the only one who looks positive to me.

On the Democrat side, no one at all.

For America's three largest third parties -- Libertarian, Green and Constitutionalist -- no one at all.

Thank you all for your time.  Grin
I said other because I'm not planning on voting. I haven't  voted since 2004 I think, and I've no real desire to start again. I suppose voting in the local elections matters--- like voting for the guy that runs the mosquito control district--- but these big elections are meaningless. The only way to really effect change is to have a revolution of the heart and mind and it starts at the individual and grassroots level. It's never going to be a top down affair.

Sorry guys but I just can't get excited about the overblown spectacle of the presidential election. I'm just way too burned out, jaded, cynical and concerned with my own problems to really care.
I said Trump in large part not because I think he's great, but rather because the others are even more distasteful. Without question, I cannot approve of any candidates for the democrats, nor has any third party element appealed. The other republican candidates all have great flaws I cannot surmount. And there are significant problems with Trump. On the other hand, he has said some things that are important to those I see on a daily basis that aren't being said by other candidates, or the republican party at large. I am in agreement with those who think he won't, ultimately, receive the nomination. The party has gone too far from the people it claims to represent, and while the fall is in slow motion, I think this is the election where it happens to hit the ground. Someone else, whether the GS candidate (Cruz), or whoever, will be nominated, and lose to Hillary the untouchable. But before that happens, Trump will take a lot of disgruntled voters with him.
I predict that the Republicans will ultimatey pick whoever is the most boring run of the mill candidate-- this cycles version of Mitt Romney. The election will come down to this boring Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton, and this guy ( Ted Cruz maybe?) will just barely win. He'll parade around speaking empty platitudes about " American values" and " freedom" among other things, and he'll make some cheesy appeals to evangelicals and gun toting rednecks here in the South. At heart he"lol have about as much substance as the Bud Light beers the rednecks he's courting love so much.

Clinton probably won't win because the Democrats have had 8 years already. I just think that it'll be difficult to get another Dem in office at this point.

When push comes to shove whether it's Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton it's more of the same, the only difference would be Clintons Ivy League arrogance and open support for Planned Parenthood as opposed to Ted Cruz's boring businessman appeal.

Seriously though, politicians are all lying narcissists for the most part, and the big movers and shakers pulling the strings and stroking their egos will make sure they get the empty suit they want to keep them making money. The political leaders get power and the big money guys at the top keep getting to make more and more and more dollar bills.

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