18 People Who Are Incredible At Everyday Jobs
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(There's lots on that site that isn't family safe. You've been warned)

[Image: 497982_v1.gif]

[Image: 497980_v1.gif]

[Image: 497988_v1.gif]

[Image: 497984_v1.gif]

[Image: 497974_v1.gif]

[Image: 497972_v1.gif]

[Image: 497964_v1.gif]

[Image: 497960_v1.gif]

[Image: 497986_v1.gif]

[Image: 497958_v1.gif]

[Image: 497956_v1.gif]

[Image: 497954.gif?v=1]

[Image: 497962_v1.gif]

[Image: 497966_v1.gif]

[Image: 497978_v1.gif]

[Image: 497976_v1.gif]

[Image: 497968_v1.gif]

[Image: 497970_v1.gif]
Those were awesome. Smile

I loved the tea guy. I used to work in a restaurant where one of the waitresses could carry 6 plates of food at once not using a tray. Using her technique, I can carry 4 (much to my kids' delight), although I can't unload by myself. She somehow could though!
It's nice to see people who are loving their work!

I think I knew that "That is how he rolls" guy in the 70s' Sticking tongue out at you

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