We Need to Stop Saying That There Are 33,000 Protestant Denominations
(02-22-2016, 09:21 PM)richgr Wrote: The point at the end of the day isn't what the actual number is. The point is that there can be no real unity among Protestants, and the figure, whether given in a statistic or anecdotally, is indicative of the division that lies at the heart of all Protestantism. Yes, division is at the heart of all Protestantism. So they need our prayers and apostolic efforts.

This. Yes.
I once heard a "reformed" Protestant pastor on youtube retort that there are lots of dissident Catholics, so this denominations number doesn't really matter. Of course if they applied that same logic to their own communities there would be even MORE division...
I agree there aren't 33,000 protestant denominations...

There are certainly far more than that.  :LOL:

Protestants may share individual beliefs but it is not solely belief that forms the Church. Protestants have no bond together, no communion with each other, the only connection they have is that of their connection to the Church through baptism which is highly tenuous at best.

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