Buying and Reselling international textbooks?
This is a moral question regarding copyrights that I am so confused about for those who know what I mean. Basically to start off the discussion, many American textbook editions of a particular book are way overpriced such as by selling them at prices over $150 when you can buy the same international edition (which has the same exact information). For that reason many Americans are now buying the international textbook editions which often cost as little as $20-30

There was a Supreme Court case that ruled that  first-sale doctrine applies to copies of copyrighted works lawfully made abroad.,_Inc.

Obviously the publishers of these books are discouraging the international textbook editions from being sold apart fro those countries (most of them which are Asian) to other countries including Europe and the United States.

Many individuals are saying that despite the desire of the publishers for these books to be prohibited from being bought and resold in the United States and elsewhere is illegal and should not be done. Websites like eBay state that it is perfectly legal to buy or to resale international textbooks while others say that reselling them is not legal.

Does anyone know whether it is legal to resale international textbook editions? I know that it is legal to buy them but how about to resale them? It seems that it is legal yet the big book publishers obviously don't want people to buy and sell the international book editions. There are various individuals who say they have done this and most of them have been sued by the publishers such as Pearson and McGrow Hill, yet all if not all of these individuals have won the case against the publishers.

I ask this because I bought several quantities of a particular textbook and I am planning on selling it to my fellow college students. The book states that it is unauthorized and strictly prohibited from selling or circulating these books outside of the countries that this book is published and licensed in, yet at the same time most individuals, as well as companies such as eBay, and even in conjunction with the Supreme Court decision based on this are all saying that it is legal to buy international textbook editions with most of them saying that it is also legal to resell them.

Does anyone know anything about this?

According to eBay and Bookfinder amongst many other companies and websites it is legal to resell them even though the publishers obviously don't like this.
Honestly, can it be legal to resell anything you own? If the item itself is legal to begin with, I mean.

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