Happy GT Day ; - )
I would like to wish a Happy GT day to all Fishies who have read my book! ; - )

Alas, for those of you who haven't read it - I can't explain! (As explaining it will "spoil" the book in case you  _do_  read it …)

But for those who do know what I'm talking about, I shall also add that during Christmas of 2005, when Kim and I lived in Wicklow, we visited the relics of St. Valentine in Dublin and I also had confession and Mass at the same time. It was one of the most extraordinary days of my life, where I had a (since-confirmed) prophetic experience.

Also my beloved Kim and I were married on St. Valentines day in 1999.

So I wish you all a happy GT AND a Happy Valentine's day ...

Backatcha, Roger! A blessed and fun St. Valentine's Day to you and your wife! And happy anniversary!

Started reading with gusto and then got mired in...non-vocational but necessary work. Look forward to finishing it soon. Once again, I think that the historical/cultural/theological/philosophical introduction alone is worth the price of the book.

Come on, folks--support a fellow Fishie and buy the book!
Warm thanks to you both for your support, Vox and Bourbon Apocalypse!

And thank you for updating me on your progress, BA, I do appreciate knowing where people are with the book and thank all of those who have told me publicly or privately.

Also I believe a number of Fishies have asked to be my Facebook friends. Alas, I don't always know who is who. There used to be some kind of listing of real names - at least of some folk - somewhere. If anyone knows where that might be now, please let me know.

(Never really been into Facebook before and find it hard to keep up. But I appreciate the very kind responses I get there and it would be nice to match avatars to names and faces, if people don't mind …)
Hello GT,

Between teaching, doctoral studies, and a demanding full-time job, I have little time to do any recreational reading. But I promise to get to your book as soon as I can.
I'm about half way through the book. Really good read, hard to put down.
Many thanks to you both, Papist and Gang green. I appreciate you taking time to tell me!


I shall just take this opportunity to wish all Fishies a Happy GT day, again this year - which reference will be understood by those of you who have read my book The Gentle Traditionalist, but which must remain obscure to those who have not read it and whom I don't want to spoil it for.  :tiphat:

And since it IS GT day today, I shall just say once again that the first chapter of my book can be read online here ...


(And there are definite clues in that first chapter as to what all this nonsense is about  :) ...)

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