Catholic prayer rugs/mats
Is there such a thing? Does anyone use a prayer rug when they pray at their private home altar? Is it just an Islamic thing?
Its a islamic thing.
It's also an older Russian Orthodox practice, preserved by the Old Believers and Old Ritualists. It's not so much a rug as it is a decorated cloth, used to keep the hands from touching the floor when bowing or prostrating. You would bring it with you to church, and lay it out in the space in front of you (which would also help to catch any blessed bread that falls, though I am unsure how the distribution of antidoron works in Old Rite parishes). I also seem to recall there being a similar practice on at least Mount Athos, and perhaps other places as well.

Catholics can incorporate into their private devotions pretty much anything, as long, obviously, as it isn't explicitly anti- any Church teaching, wouldn't give (true) scandal, and serves the purpose of keeping them prayed-up and close to Jesus.

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