The Galatians Two Moment Is Now
If the Bishops would man up this could all come to an end....but will they?  Where is  the Holy Will to do the right thing??  From time to time when i see things going on like this from people who should know better  i think of the vision that our Lady showed the children at Fatima, the vision of Hell where they saw countless souls falling into hell as though they were as thick in amount as falling snow.
Perhaps they think it better to simply wait for the next pope, rather than speak out now and risk being removed and replaced with progressives.

                                                                                Look's like the apologists will have to force more square pegs into round holes, explain how white is really black and how up is really down, etc. Oh well, less then a month till the follow up exhortation on the synod on the family.
Found it!

See the priest's comment?:

Fr. RP • 16 hours ago

I'm a parish priest and I have a simple question to ask all those who are acting like Pope Francis can say any ridiculous, scandalous and heterodox thing he wants to and it doesn't matter unless he try's to officially change doctrine.

If I get up and preach this Sunday that it is morally permissible, for the parishioners who are concerned about the real possibility of a serious birth defect in a child who may be conceived through their sexual relations, to discern what is best to do, even if that means employing a condom or other means of contraception during their sexual relations to prevent conception. Would all of you say, that's not a big deal, after all Father hasn't changed Church doctrine?
I think not. Most of these same people would be calling for my head on a platter and writing letters to my Bishop the next day telling him that I needed to publically apologize and be removed from my office because of the grave scandal I caused in contradicting Church Doctrine on contraception.

I am beyond tired of hearing the BS argument that there is nothing to see here, Church Doctrine is untouched, when the truth is that it has just been spat upon and blatantly contradicted. As if the only thing a Priest, or Prelate or Pope can do to harm the Church is to try and change Church Doctrine! If that is the case, then all of these same people who lament without end about the scandalous behavior of Priests and Bishops who permit Doctrine to be contradicted or ignored in their Parishes and Diocese need to put a sock in it. After all, its no big deal, Doctrine hasn't been changed it's only been contradicted and ignored.

The higher authority one has in the Church, the greater responsibility that one has in holding to the Deposit of Faith, Defending the Deposit of the Faith, legislating according to the Deposit of the Faith and faithfully Handing on the Deposit of the Faith in it's magnificent fullness through clear Teaching and Preaching. And the greater accountability they have for failing to do so.

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