Depressed? Try Dolphins!
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Are You Depressed? Try Dolphins
The theory of biophilia
By: Tudor Raiciu, World and Health News Editor

Swimming with dolphins is an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression, say researchers in this week's BMJ.
Their findings support the theory of biophilia, which shows how human health and wellbeing are dependent on our relationships with the natural environment.
The study was carried out in Honduras and involved 30 patients diagnosed with mild or moderate depression. Half were assigned to the experimental group and half to the control group.
Over a two-week period, participants in the experimental group swam and snorkelled in the water with dolphins for one hour a day. Participants in the control group were assigned to the same water activities, but in the absence of dolphins, to control for the influence of water and the natural setting.
All participants discontinued antidepressant drugs or psychotherapy at least four weeks before entering the study, and were not allowed to take drugs during the study. Depression scores were measured before the study and at the end of the treatment.
Although some participants dropped out of the study, the average severity of the depressive symptoms was more reduced in the experimental group than in the control group.
Quote:Dropped out of the study? Must've been members of the control group!
Animal facilitated therapy with dolphins is more effective than water therapy in treating people with mild to moderate depression, say the authors. Despite some study limitations, the effects exerted by the animals were significantly greater than those of just the natural setting.
So that's why I've been so depressed. In some weird way, my body is craving a swim with the dolphins. ;)

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